Shumaker Goldleaf Membership

Join the family

When someone buys a pair of shoes from Shumaker, we don’t just see them as a customer, we see them as family. That is why every person who buys our shoes is invited to join our Goldleaf membership programme. 

We like to keep things simple, so instead of a complicated rewards system that involves collecting points and converting those points into credit we just stuck with rewarding loyalty.



How we say thank you for your loyalty

Becoming part of the Goldleaf member’s family gives you immediate rewards - discounts of most purchases on the website and in-store. Saying thank you sometimes isn’t enough which is why here at Shumaker we’ve gone this extra step to recognise and appreciate everyone who becomes part of the Shumaker family. 

As a Goldleaf member, you join a growing family of people who tell us they want an instant boost to their savings and want their spending money to go even further.

How does it work?

When you have joined the Shumaker family, Goldleaf members are entitled to immediately receive a 10% discount on each qualifying item they purchase from a Shumaker store and Shumaker online. This applies to all products, including footwear, accessories, and shoe care products.

How do I join?

You may join the Goldleaf Membership rewards program at any point for free. 

Sign up online today using the form below!

Small Print

The Goldleaf Membership discount applies on regular price items and sale items, provided however the total discount does not surpass 50% of the regular price on any item. It may not apply on items in the sale or clearance sections or door crasher items. 

The Goldleaf Membership discount is incompatible with promotions that may run in-store from time to time, and it cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. Goldleaf members always have the opportunity to take advantage of any in-store promotion, including flash sales, friends and family events, etc. instead of the 10% discount, or opt to benefit from their membership privileges instead of the promotion.

Any information you provide is meant to allow us to serve you better and is kept confidential as per the terms of our Privacy Policy. You may at any time opt-out of the rewards program by advising us of your intention to opt-out. Use of the Goldleaf Membership Card constitutes acceptance of, and is subject to, the terms and conditions of the Shumaker Goldleaf Membership program. 

We are not responsible for lost or stolen cards. We reserve the right to modify the terms of the Goldleaf Membership rewards program at any time, without prior notice, and by posting such new terms on this page. Please inquire further with one of our in-store associates or contact us.