Your 2020 Sock Guide

Your 2020 Sock Guide

True love they say is like a "pair of socks" - they have to match your feet and your shoes. The kind of socks you’ll be wearing with your shoes can affect how well your shoes fit. Not all socks serve the same purpose, hence we’ve broken down our favourite choices of socks to help you decide what to wear for the right occasion and with the right footwear.


Socks for Comfort



Pop Socks

These are an essential fashion accessory in most women’s wardrobes perfect when worn underneath a miniskirt or short dress for a casual and chic appearance.

Pop Socks cover your feet and legs up to the knee and are typically worn during cool or warm weather. Unlike normal socks, pop socks are generally made of nylon and also come in many colours, patterns and transparency levels.

You may choose to wear your Pop socks simply to accentuate your legs in that cute dress. You could also wear them in much cooler weather to keep your lower legs warm when in trousers or to catch perspiration when in boots.


Best shoes to opt for in this case include:

Heeled sandals and shoes: When you pair your colourful pop socks with a dressy shoe or heeled sandals, you make a bold style statement. Whether your destination is the office, casual parties or events, this look will distinguish you.
Boots: Wearing your boots with pop socks especially during the cold weather enables you to stand out stylishly while keeping your legs warm and protected from the cold. Whether you choose to wear ankle booties, winter boots or tall heeled boots with your pop socks, the result is a classy and chic look all the time
Wedges and platforms: Wearing your pop socks with wedges adds some extra height to you and gives the illusion of elongated legs. This combination is perfect for casual outings, work or school.
Flats: Pairing your pop socks with flats is one way to feel super comfortable while appearing elegantly chic. This combination is ideal for work and casual outings.
Tennis shoes, trainers and Sneakers: Paired with the right pair of sneakers, pop socks give off that country club chic vibe. Imagine how fashionable you’d appear when you wear this ensemble to a hangout with your girls or to work.


Regular Socks

Regular socks are socks designed to make you feel comfortable as you go through your day’s work. They are often made from cotton or polyester materials and are not recommended for sporting activities because of their tendency to lock in sweat and stick to your feet. Generally made thinner to fit the shoe, regular socks provide minimal and stylish protection for the foot from the shoe.

Knowing how much the feet sweat in 24 hours, it is necessary that you wash your socks after each use to avoid smelly socks and feet.

The regular socks are often worn with your dress shoes.

Wear regular socks with casual, smart-casual and formal clothing. They are perfect when paired with:


Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are shorter than normal socks covering the entire foot just up to the ankle. Most people wear ankle socks due to their versatility and comfort. Due to the short length of ankle socks, it’s normal to find men and women choose it when wearing casual shoes or shorts - where they’d prefer the socks hidden. There are also specific types of athletic ankle socks designed for sporting activities which reduce sweating and help keep the feet cool.

Made from nylon, cotton, wool, microfiber or other materials, ankle socks come in different colours and patterns offering comfort, durability and a stylish look.

Best shoes to go for could be:


Socks for circulation (Compression socks)

compression socks

These types of socks help improve blood flow and circulation to the feet. They are specially made to fit snuggly and gently squeeze your leg. Wearing them can lessen pain and swelling in your legs and may also lower your chances of getting deep vein thrombosis while preventing other circulation problems.

While many people wear compression socks for comfort, some others wear them to help prevent serious medical problems.


Compression socks come in different sizes and strengths and are often used by:

  1. People who’ve just had surgery
  2. Those experiencing difficulty with moving their legs
  3. People who stand for long hours at work
  4. Pregnant women
  5. People with circulation problems like varicose veins, diabetes or deep vein thrombosis


Best shoes to opt for:



Socks for Activities

Hiking/Walking Socks

Hiking socks are breathable socks that protect your feet from cold, blisters and rubbing while you hit the trails for your long walks.

Due to the distance and terrain often covered during a hiking activity, it’s always a good idea to use accessories that make you comfortable with each step you take.

For hiking socks, material choices to consider include polyester, nylon and silk which are known for their insulation, moisture-wicking and lightweight. Sometimes, it’s possible to find ones that are made from a blend of these fabrics. Merino wool is also a core material in the best hiking socks because they are antibacterial, quick-drying and breathable. Merino wool is often combined with spandex, lycra, elastane or other synthetic fibres to provide cushioning, support and durability.

Best shoes to fit this experience:

  • Sneakers
  • Hiking boots


Sport Socks

Sport socks

Sport socks are designed to absorb or wick away large amounts of perspiration from the feet during athletic activities. They’re usually more compressed to limit ankle movement and prevent injury. Mostly, they’re worn during activities like tennis, jogging or gym sessions. They can also be worn whenever you wear sneakers.

Some sports socks have knitted-in arch support and some are knitted in two thin layers to prevent blisters. In general, sport socks work to manage moisture during rigorous activities and keep the feet dry. You’ll find that most sport socks are usually made of synthetic fibres and/or wool.

These shoes will go with sport socks:

  • Sneakers
  • Tennis shoes
  • Trainers


There you have it – your complete guide to choosing the best kind of socks to suit comfort, activities or your every need. Don't look too far for shoes to match.


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