Women's Winter Weekends: What To Wear

Women's Winter Weekends: What To Wear

The nights are dark and the air is crisp. The snow is on its way (or already here) and you don’t know what to wear this weekend. We can help you there. Weekends should be as stress-free as possible, which is why we’ve put together this guide to ensure you keep things comfy and stylish. Come on, the weekend is waiting.


Winter Walking


Just because it’s officially winter doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. There is still a world outside your door. And it’s ready to be explored. Grab your kids, your pets, your partner or just yourself and get outside. Winter walks can be beautiful and warm if you know what to put on your feet. Calf high silhouettes that are sure to keep the snow (or rain) firmly out. Faux fur trimmings and insulating interiors to keep your toes nice and toasty. Just what you need. You can be sure you won’t feel the cold in any of these.

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Stepwel Boots Winter Boots Tan Leather from Stepwel



Nights Out


With winter upon us so is the season for parties and get-togethers. Meals out, meeting the family or a night out with the girls. You’ve chosen the venue, already thinking about food and drinks but what shoes are you going to wear? That’s where we come in. This season is all about burgundy hues and velvet bows, heels and flats. Look no further for every style you could possibly need to make this weekend one to remember.

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Lolla Bacchi Wonders Nine West



Keep It Casual


Slippers and is the weekend after all. Remain in slippers for most of the day and if you have to go outside jump into your sneakers as and when you need. No-fuss necessary. We have slippers to choose from that you won’t forget. Ankle boot silhouettes with faux fur lining and knitted exteriors. You won’t want to take them off. But when you do need to take them off, reach for sneakers with thick slip-resistant rubber soles and leather bodies. These will keep your feet firmly out of the snow (and on the ground). You’ll remain warm, dry and happy.

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Skechers Fjord Booties Puma Sneakers



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