Which Insoles Suit my Health Condition?

Which Insoles Suit my Health Condition?

You might already know which insoles are the best for your type of feet. However you can use different kinds of insoles for many different things. Your day-to-day insoles might not be the right ones for those of you that run, take part in high-impact sports, work in an active environment etc. The list is endless. There are insoles for everything. And we’re going to take you through some of the best ones for certain activities. What you need insoles for depends on what exactly you are experiencing.


Running or walking


Have you started to feel some pinching or chafing? Let’s put a stop to that. Immediately. Runners often suffer from those awful shin splints, which need a combination of flexible support and shock absorption. A cushioned arch support or semi-rigid orthotic insole, with a full gel construction or gel heel will provide the flexibility and comfort that you need.

Try these impact support insoles: 

insoles for health conditions



Heel spurs

Heel pain must be avoided. Those of you who suffer from heel pain know that it causes immense pain and can be debilitating to your day-to-day routine. Well, suffer no more. Here you’ll need specific insoles with a great amount of padding in the heel section, you can get full-length insoles or ones cut to the shape of your heel. Both are effective and which ones you go for are completely up to you.

Have a look at these leather heel cushions: 
insoles for health conditions




Nobody likes to stand for long periods of time. And this is made even worse when you are experiencing pain. An insole with cushioned arch support will be your saviour. This helps to keep your foot supported whilst relieving pressure. Foam insoles will work best in this instance.


Why not try these pressure-relieving insoles: 


insoles for health conditions



Arch Pain

Ortho Solutions have got your back. Semi-rigid or rigid insoles are going to work best for those of you suffering from arch pain. If you are new to orthotics then perhaps start with a semi-rigid insole, providing support, comfort and flexibility. If you aren’t new here and you’re an old hand at orthotics, a rigid insole would be better. These will provide more aggressive support. Why not add a foam layer to your shoes - this will soften the impact on your sensitive arches.

Give these arch support insoles a go:


insoles for health conditions


Diabetes & Arthritis

You shouldn’t have to be used to being in pain but with both diabetes and arthritis pain hangs over your head like a dark cloud. If finding the perfect insole will help to alleviate some of your pain then why not go ahead and invest in a pair? The idea is that they minimise the shock your foot feels when it hits the ground whilst assisting with circulation in the foot. Custom ones are usually necessary in these cases. But why not try one out while you wait for your personalised piece.


Test these gel insoles out:


insoles for health conditions
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