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What Shoes to Wear to Ace Your First Week at Work: The Office Shoe Guide

Finding the right outfit for your new job can be difficult. We are always thinking about how people will judge us and how to make a good first impression when in reality there are many amazing outfits to choose from that will impress anyone at work.

With it being easier than ever to find the right outfit for you online, there are many brands available with websites for different shirts, trousers and many clothing items that you could wear for work. However, in our opinion, the most important clothing item for the first day at work is the shoes. Wearing the right shoes can help you walk into your new workplace with confidence, making it easier for you to make the right impression and to start your new job with a blast.

In this article, we are going to go over the best shoes to wear to ace your first week at work. Our office shoe guide should help you understand the best styles to go with your outfits and how choosing the right shoes can help you in your workplace, putting your professionalism and elegance on blast!


Boots are common in workplaces and can be worn with a range of different styles. Sturdy yet comfortable, they are ideal for practical jobs whilst also looking great, making for the perfect type of office shoe for your work.

With them being strong enough to protect your feet throughout the day whilst also giving them room to breathe, these comfortable and stylish boots are ideal for working in and are a great office shoe to own.


office shoes



Heels/Pumps are also common in workplaces depending on the job, with there being many women who wear them to work daily. They are a special kind of office shoe because of the message they give: that you take care of your presentation and want to show the best in yourself. 

Your workplace will notice this and realise that you care about the detail in things and your appearance making you a valuable employee and showing your elegance to your colleagues and managerial staff alike.


Sneakers may not seem the most appropriate shoe for work, but for on-your-feet practical jobs, they are comfortable and will assist your feet in getting the job done correctly. They are made to provide your feet with what they need to get through the day, and they also look a lot more stylish and fun than the regular shoe.

If you are working a job where sneakers would be an acceptable shoe, go for it and your managerial staff may appreciate it depending on the line of work.


Stepwel is a shoe brand available to purchase from Shumaker with a range of comfortable and sturdy office shoes perfect for the professional line of work. With some of the best quality materials used and fashionable designs that are bound to make you stand out, Stepwel is a recommended brand for shoes regarding work and professional attire.

From high top boots to low pumps, Stepwel has all the office shoes needed in their catalog for you to find the right ones for you that will make you stand out and impress your colleagues. 


office shoes


Purchase Your Work Shoes From Shumaker

We understand that buying shoes for your new job can be daunting, but you should not let it get to you as there are thousands of amazing shoes to choose from with Shumaker. With a wide range of brands, websites, stores and shopping centers, there are numerous opportunities to get the perfect shoes for you.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our website where you can find our wide range of office shoes available for many different occasions. We also have a sale page where you can find out discounts which are frequently updated. 


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