Ways to keep your sneakers looking fresh

Ways to keep your sneakers looking fresh

What is a shoe collection without a pair of sneakers?

Sneakers are those items that complete your footwear collection. They are the go-to footwear to pull out when you desire comfort and style. As beautiful and trendy as sneakers are, nothing beats that ‘box-fresh’ feeling so proper shoe care is necessary to ensure that they stay in the best possible condition for a long time.

Let’s explore some ways you can keep your sneakers looking fresh.


Keep them in a box

Ever wondered why sneaker companies use cardboard boxes for sneakers? It’s because they are not expensive and they are effective at keeping out dust and protecting your sneakers from moisture which can damage the midsoles.

Apart from the original box your sneakers came in, you might prefer alternatives like plastic boxes so that at a quick glance you can see all your shoes and choose a pair without opening every box.

If however, you choose to go the plastic box route, it is important to note that:

  • Sharp edges on the boxes could scratch or tear some materials. To mitigate this, be mindful of the
    size of the plastic box you go for. Consider one with a larger room for your sneakers.
  • Storing your plastic box in a room with access to a lot of sunlight can be harmful to your sneakers, so opt for a cool dark room. A lot of sunlight on your sneakers can lead to the colour fading over time.


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Keep them in a bag

Another way to preserve your precious sneakers is by putting them in a sealed bag e.g a zip lock bag. This option also helps to keep the dust and humidity out. When going with this option, it’s a good idea to put silica gel packs into the sealed bag as well to prevent molding on your sneakers as well as kill any harmful bacteria.


Keep them dry

Moisture is a sneakers’ enemy, so avoid storing your shoes when they are damp because wet shoes get mouldy and smelly in storage. It would be impossible to recommend only wearing sneakers in the sunshine - it’s hard to avoid the rain and snow. However, when you get back home you can place your shoes near a radiator or heater to dry out. You can also roll up newspaper sheets and place them inside your sneakers to help absorb some of the moisture. Your sneakers must be completely dry through before you store them away.


Wipe away dirt

Whenever you finish wearing your pair of sneakers, it’s important that you clean them before storing. Failure to do this causes the dirt and residues that have built up on your sneakers to stick, making it even harder to get them off which eventually wears out your sneakers. This will make your sneakers age quicker than necessary and they will lose their box-fresh look.


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How to clean your sneakers

  • Wash your laces: Laces bring out the beauty of your sneakers hence they require just as much care as every other part of it. Wash your laces with cold water by hand or if washing in a washing machine, place them in a pillowcase to avoid damage.
  • Don’t neglect the outsole: Use eco-friendly dish soap and water to clean your outsoles. Using a spray bottle, wet the outsoles, scrub with a brush and dish soap– Keep working at the dirt until it is all removed. Spray another burst of water to remove washed out dirt and grime, then towel dry.
  • Pay attention to the midsole too: While you can use the same cleaning process for the outsole of your sneakers in the midsole, you must opt for a softer brush. It’s also important to be careful not to use anything that’s too abrasive on the midsole to avoid cracking it.


Manage Odours

Nothing is more annoying and embarrassing than pulling your feet out of your cute pair of sneakers and having the room ooze from a bad odour.

Thankfully, there are ways to stop that from happening.

  • Find the cause: Always examine your sneakers before going ahead to treat the odour. It may be that you have damp or damaged insoles, in which case you should either take them out and dry properly or buy insoles that have been designed to prevent bacterial growth. If it’s your feet that smell rather than the trainers, read our guide on keeping your feet healthy
  • Dry them out: Take out the laces and lift the tongue of your sneakers up and out to dry faster. Proper drying of your sneakers help prevent bacterial growth that causes odour
  • Baking soda to the rescue: If your sneakers are already giving off bad smells, put them in an enclosed box and pour in a good dose of baking soda to absorb and eliminate the smell


When you spend your hard-earned money on purchasing cute and trendy sneakers, you can’t take chances with giving them the best shoe care possible and these tips will help you do just that.



sneaker care


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