Top 3 Foot care tips for Men

Top 3 Foot care tips for Men

Feet often get a hard time for being the worst part of the body, often ignored or neglected but with a little bit of TLC anyone's feet can look and feel great (and smell great too). It might be women that are better known for heading out for a pedicure, but who says men’s feet can’t look, feel and smell good too?

Wearing good, comfortable, breathable shoes is one thing, but that alone doesn’t look after feet in the way they deserve.


Why foot care is important for Men

Lack of proper foot care can lead to different skin complaints, foot odour, foot infection, hard skin and discomfort that can be distracting. If you are the type of person to take foot care for granted and believe that your feet will take care of themselves then read this article and see the opportunity to make small changes with a big impact.

Think about this – your quality of life is linked directly to your ability to be self-sufficient, to move around and get things done, sometimes you might be on your feet for hours. Imagine that you develop foot problems or your feet hurt, would you still function at your best? The answer is no – which brings us to the best foot care tips you should consider to keep your feet in tip-top shape.

Here are some ways you can maintain good foot care:


Keep it Clean

  1. Change your socks daily: Your feet get sweaty during the day, hence the importance of remembering to change your socks to prevent excessive perspiration which often leads to smelly feet and in some cases, foot infections. Consider wearing socks made of cotton or other fibres that breathe to reduce excessive foot perspiration.
  2. Wash your feet to prevent athlete’s foot: Athlete’s Foot is a common condition which affects men who usually wear shoes that don’t breathe. It is a scaly, itchy and sometimes painful rash that appears along the soles of the feet and in between toes. Prevent or control this by washing your feet daily with soap and water.


foot care for men 


Keep it Dry

Whenever you finish washing your feet, take time to focus on drying the areas between your toes. A damp foot is a recipe for fungus infestation which you don’t want to deal with.


Keep it Groomed

Grooming your feet will only take a few minutes but prevents unnecessary expenses that will be incurred if you ignore it and bring about some foot infections – not to talk of the pain involved as well.

That said:

  • Cut /trim your toenails often and straight across: Avoid cutting the whole nail at once and don’t dig at the corners of your toenails. Aim to cut straight across, leaving the nails a little long. Cutting shorter than this can predispose the nail plate to additional infection or weakening.
  • Sterilize your toenail cutter: Doing this helps to keep it clean and prevent any infections.
  • Cut nails when dry: You don’t want your nails tearing off or bending, so make sure you wait until your nails are dry to clip them.
  • File your nails: Once trimmed, file your nails to fully smoothen and round them out. Try going in a singular direction when filing, for cleaner results.
  • Massage your feet: Call it pampering, we call it foot care – generously massage in moisturising foot creams making sure not to neglect any areas including in between the toes, heels, Achilles and so on.
  • Wear good-fitting shoes: Properly fitted shoes can help prevent injuries to the foot. Your feet carry your entire body weight – a fact that drives home the importance of wearing the right fit of shoes.


When you make time to review the foot care tips we’ve suggested, you can rest assured that your feet will stay healthy and strong.

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