The Best Ways to Store Your Heels Between Wears

Buying the pair of heels you love with matching outfits and then imagining all the places you’d wear them to is only half the journey. Those shoes need to be preserved if you want to avoid spending unnecessary extras and one way to do this is by storing them properly after each use. Here are some of those ways:


Use of shoe trees to preserve shoe shape

There are seemingly minor factors that cause shoes to lose their shape. Some of them are:

  • Throwing your shoes in a heap on the floor
  • Folds and creases brought about by humidity
  • Leaving high boots, without any support above the ankle

Using a shoe tree for short-term storage will help your heels maintain their original shape and help preserve them for a long time.



Stuff with acid-free tissue

That lovely pair of heels can go from sleek to damaged fast if they retain moisture consistently after use. You can store your heels for days to weeks to dry out by stuffing them with acid-free paper. The absorbent nature of this paper ensures that your heels maintain a low moisture level while protecting the shoes from damage.



Get a shoe organizer


close up of a black box on white background

Where you store your heels is critical to their preservation. There are specially designed shoe storage options that range from boxes to shelves to wire racks and custom cabinets – but the ideal storage choice is dependent on how long your heels will go before the next wear.

If you will be wearing your heels often, open storage options that allow damp leather/fabric breathe should be considered to keep your shoes fresh.


Types of shoe organisers

  • Shoe racks and cabinets: If you wear your heels regularly, a cabinet/rack with an open front end lets air circulate around the footwear and keep dust from accumulating on those with delicate materials. They also help keep your shoes “organized” so that you can see them at first glance when you need to pick a pair to wear
  • Shoe storage boxes: With shoe storage boxes, your shoes have the best form of protection from sunlight, humidity and dust – all of which are factors that affect the durability of your precious heels.

You could consider plastic boxes to store your pumps but make sure your shoes are clean and dry before storing to avoid mould forming. If you choose to use other kinds of boxes, be sure that the shoe storage box is acid-free.



Get a climate-controlled storage

Extreme temperature and humidity weakens the fabric of your shoes which causes the glue to loosen in some shoes and heels to deteriorate. Store your heels in climate-controlled storage where the harsh weather elements won’t take a toll on them. Storing next to a window or a heater where temperatures can vary in a big way means that your heels are more likely to be affected by these extremes.



Get a good conditioner

Invest in a good conditioner to help protect your new leather shoes and revive old ones by moisturising it, softening it and increasing its flexibility. Conditioners also give your heels a protective water-repelling layer which comes in handy on days you get caught in a downpour.



In Conclusion:

After spending good money on your heels, the best way to preserve them will largely depend on how you store them and take care of them. Following some of these tips and tricks will help you to preserve the shoes you love best.


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