best shoes to wear for work

The Best Shoes to Wear to Work Depending on Your Job

Finding the right shoe for your job can be difficult. As well as there being thousands of different types of shoe, there are also different colours, styles and sizes that all factor into how they look and how your colleagues will perceive you when wearing them.

It is important to wear the correct footwear to the job depending on your occupation because it allows you to get the most out of your job and keep your feet protected throughout the day. Without the right footwear, there could be numerous problems throughout the workplace that have an impact on your work performance. You also want to look stylish and sleek at the same time, showing your professionalism to your colleagues and friends at work. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the best shoes to wear to work depending on the occupation and workplace, and on how wearing the correct shoes can have an impact on your work performance going forward.

Chef/Kitchen Staff 

Chef and kitchen staff have a very particular role to fulfill and wearing the correct footwear is important for safety. Stepwel produces high-quality, smart shoes designed to protect the feet whilst also looking stylish and professional to your colleagues. 

Safe T Step is another brand that produces footwear specifically designed to protect, with their designs made to stop slippage and being resistant to oil. This makes both these shoe brands ideal for kitchen staff and for protecting the feet in general for those who want that added protection whilst in the kitchen. 


With the role of a nurse/doctor, you are often going to be walking around during the day. Whether it be through the premises or to another healthcare facility, you are most likely going to be on your feet throughout the day. Sneakers are a great way of providing the feet relief for this kind of work.

With the right pair of sneakers that look modern and smart, they are perfect for jobs such as doctors and nurses, where walking around during the day is a necessity. They are also a lot more fashionable and in-vogue than other options, giving you a sense of style whilst at work. 

best shoes to wear for work


Office Worker 

Office workers are living a sedentary lifestyle, meaning they are not on their feet as often as someone with a role such as a doctor. There are many shoes for that kind of work, such as pumps and heels that are comfortable but also look smart and professional for your colleagues to notice.

For office workers, it is important to show a smart appearance in order to keep up with the professionalism that offices are known for, and these shoes certainly give the right impression to your employer and show how dedicated you are for the role. 

Working From Home 

There one particular shoe that is the the perfect footwear for working at home: slippers!

Slippers are the best shoe to wear for work when you are working from home as they are the most comfortable footwear around, giving you all the comfort you need to get through a day of work. It would be very unprofessional (and quite random) to turn up to your actual workplace in slippers, though, so make sure it is only working from home when you choose this footwear. 

best shoes to wear for work



Being a builder is a job that requires you to be on your feet at all times, being a job that puts health and safety at the front. This means you are going to need a pair of shoes that are made to protect. Boots are perfect for this, giving protection and space, but Safe T Step is also a great brand for protective footwear in order to prevent any slippage whilst working with important materials and equipment. 

Purchase The Best Work Shoes From Shumaker

We understand that it can be hard to find the best shoes to wear to work, but after reading this article, you should have a good idea of what footwear your line of the profession requires and how important it is to comply with their requirements.

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