3 août 2020

Shoes to match the who get the job, wear great shoes

It's said we make our first impression within seven seconds of meeting. That means that the first seven seconds of an interview are crucial. It’s the time to push away the nerves and get out your best handshake. We’ve put together a guide for the best professional shoes to give a great first impression.

20 juil. 2020

Dusting off the Chinos? Let's help you with what shoes to wear

Chinos are an all-round, great trouser. In fact, one of the true beauties about chinos is the flexibility they can provide for your wardrobe. However, your choice in shoes can make-or-break the style that you’re going for. So we’ll recommend potential pairings in order to perfect your outfit.

9 mars 2020

How Pedicures Help Foot Health in Men

Pedicures are for everyone who cares about their foot health, although it’s probably less common for men to get one on a regular basis we’ve put together some reasons it’s a great idea. Continue reading if you want to know all the benefits of pedicures for men and how it can help your foot health.

6 janv. 2020

Winter Weekends: Mens What To Wear

Winter, it’s finally here. We don’t know about you, but we are looking forward to wrapping up warm, stomping through the snow and enjoying hot chocolate. To do all that you will need a pair of shoes made for cold-weather. Continue reading if you want to know all the go-to style tips for men in winter. 

2 déc. 2019

Style Guide: The Best Snow Shoes For Men

We don’t stop working on the gardens just because winter has arrived. The chores don’t stop and daily lives keep going and that means we need a great pair of snow boots to get through the day without additional hassle. Here’s our guide for the best men’s snowshoes available to get you through winter.

4 nov. 2019

Here's what your footwear says about you in the office guys

Dressing for the office is a skill that can help you go a long way. It can provide you with additional confidence, or help offer a first impression that you may not otherwise be able to nail. These are our favourite picks for the best office shoes for guys to improve your style and confidence.

16 sept. 2019

How to Protect your Work Shoes

Unless you have a uniform, getting the best shoes for the job can be challenging. Work shoes should be a one-time purchase. Let’s take a look at some ways that we can protect our work footwear to help them last and continue to do their job of keeping our feet comfortable, warm and protected.

9 sept. 2019

Top 3 Foot care tips for Men

Feet often get a hard time, known for being the worst part of the body, and they’re often ignored or neglected. However, with a little bit of TLC anyone's feet can look and feel great (and smell great too). To learn more about our top 3 tips and tricks for foot care for men, continue reading.

24 juin 2019

Summer Shoe Guide for Men

Ease yourself into summer with the right footwear. Set aside the stuffy work shoes and find yourself some comfortable, practical alternatives. From classic sandals through to office-appropriate styles with a lighter upper designed for ventilation; these are the best shoes to wear for summer. 

3 juin 2019

Every man's must-have beach shoes

We all love going to the beach and enjoying ourselves. Who doesn't? But many are left without the best footwear. There is a range of different shoes that you can wear to the beach, without ruining your style. Which is why we have compiled a list of the top shoes that men can wear to the beach.
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