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Our Top Sandal Styles (For Everyone!) You Need to See

Let’s face it, summer requires a certain type of footwear. No, I’m not talking about trainers or boots, not even heels and especially not slippers. I’m talking of course about everyone’s favourite summer shoes: sandals!

Perfect for spending time in the sun, at the beach or in the park, sandals provide your feet with just the right amount of protection while at the same time being open to the air. They’re trendy, stylish and ideal for the summertime.

However, not all sandals are made equal. They come in all shapes and sizes with different styles and materials. Let’s discover our top sandal styles for everyone that you need to see this summer and find the best pair of sandals for the season ahead. 


A lightweight, slip-on sandal? What more could you ask for?

We’re topping the list with one of the most popular sandal styles: the slide. Everyone’s had a pair of sliders at least once in their life. Whether you’re a teenager looking for that slick pair of sandals for the summer or an older adult looking for something soft on the feet, we’re not surprised if sliders have crossed your mind before.

Easily slipped-on, sliders are comfortable, convenient and give your feet more than enough room to breathe.

Active Sandals

Want to keep active during summer? Don’t want to compromise on footwear?

We’ve got your back. Active sandals are the perfect mix between a protective sports shoe and a summertime sandal. Sturdy, protective straps around the shoe to keep your feet intact and a strong rubber sole for added protection. 

If you plan on doing something active this summer, active sandals are the perfect choice for your footwear. 


sandal styles


Strappy Sandals

Some sandals are better suited for outfits than others. Whereas sliders and active sandals are more compatible with a casual outfit, these are the opposite. 

Strappy sandals are some of the best, most attractive sandals in the market, and it all comes down to their strap. Classy and elegant, the straps on the sandals come with all sorts of fancy patterns and colourful materials. 

If you’re looking to compliment your outfit or make it stand out, there are no better sandal styles out there than strappy sandals. 

Wedge Sandal Heels

There’s one more sandal that deserves a mention on this list. One that represents a different kind of style, not just elegant but classy and very much suited for your favourite outfit. 

Wedge sandal heels are a premium type of sandal for special occasions. These aren’t the type you’d wear to the park and maybe not even the beach. No, these are a type of sandal that you’d wear to the fancy, five-star restaurant overlooking the sea. 

They come with that classic heel shape but with enough airspace for them to be considered sandals. Also strong, leather straps and a sturdy sole to keep your feet protected. If you’re waiting to show off your summer look, wedge sandal heels are certainly the finishing touch. 

Still Not Sure? Check Out Our Store

Although the sandal styles listed are some of the most popular, there are hundreds of different types of sandals on the market, each with their own unique style and design. If you’re still in need of a pair of sandals, check out our store and discover some of the most trendy and unique sandals around right now. 

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