OrthoSolutions - Brand Review

OrthoSolutions - Brand Review

Here at Shumaker, we know that finding the right shoe has never been easier, but it’s still important to think wisely about the brand you choose and how to style it with your outfits. For those with an underlying foot condition or foot pain, this ‘easy’ choice is not a reality.

Enter Ortho Solutions, a footwear company providing a range of shoes dedicated to keeping your feet in good health, with added stylish, modern designs that go with many different outfits. Their shoes are excellent quality and are suitable for many different occasions, from professional work to the snow-boots ideal for walking through nature or extreme weather conditions.


Let’s take a look at Ortho Solutions in this brand review and go over some of the things that make them a brand with our stamp of approval. You will be in awe with the gorgeous styles and designs perfect to go with your favourite items from the wardrobe.


Who are Ortho Solutions?

Ortho Solutions are a brand with a focus on providing footwear that can protect the feet and help with mobility, but also with many attractive shoes that are great for wearing whilst at work, out with friends or in general as your shoes. The shoes are designed for people with foot-related problems and are made specifically for placing orthotics within them, helping with foot issues such as how you walk, stand or run. 


They also work on foot care products designed to help with mobility issues and other shoe problems that could arise. In general, they’re a brand that we respect and that provides some of the best footwear for professional and casual outfits alike.


Ortho Solutions Range

Let’s take a look at some of their best shoes and products available from in our store:


Boots are available from Ortho Solutions with a gorgeous design and many different variations from lace-up calf boots to leather zipper ankle boots. These boots are sturdy but attractive and come in all sorts of colours and styles.


If you are looking for fashionable, modern boots, regardless of the purpose, they have some of the most excellent quality footwear available and these boots are bound to make your outfit stand out. 

Some of the boots include features such as being fully waterproof, meaning you won’t need to be afraid of walking in the rain anymore. Comfortable insoles and a rubber sole with maximum grip for winter are also included. Thermal lining is also below the insole and each boot is temperature tested for -30°C.


Ladies Lace Up black boots at Shumaker by OrthoSolutions


Work Shoes

Work Shoes are also available from Ortho Solutions with a sturdy, elegant design that will impress your colleagues, without compromising on comfort. Dark, leather work-shoes provided by Ortho Solutions are professional, in-vogue and give you the support you need for everyday wear.


Insoles and Footcare Products 

Insoles and footcare products are also available from Ortho Solutions. These products include heel and forefoot protectors, shoe fresheners, insoles for different types of shoes, heel grips and more.


A brand that wants to help people feel good in the shoes they wear, these products are only a handful of what Ortho Solutions can offer you regarding footwear and have helped many people over the years protect their feet.


Buy Ortho Solutions from Shumaker

Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at Ortho Solutions on our website and see what else they have in stock? From professional, elegant footwear to protective foot-care products, you are bound to find something you like.


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