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I Want My Work Shoes to Last Longer! How to Protect Your Work Shoes

We all want our shoes to last as long as possible, but that normally isn’t the case with complications and issues arising resulting in a purchase of brand new shoes, which are usually unneeded.

With work shoes especially, things can happen during the day that can wear down the shoes over time, and after a while, they can be looking a lot less elegant and a lot more rugged. It is important to show a good presentation at work and that also means wearing smart shoes, and if you are not doing so, it could become a problem in your workplace.

There are numerous different ways to make your work shoes last longer, but they are often ignored or not used by people meaning shoes are easily wasted when they could have a lot longer lifespan in your shoe cabinet. 

In this article, we are going to go over how to make your work shoes last longer with ways in which you can protect your work shoes and make them have a longer lasting time. This means you will not have to worry about buying new shoes as often as you do and can keep your favorite shoes looking fresh and attractive.

Use A Waterproof Spray 

There are many waterproof products available to spray over your shoes, making them waterproof and avoiding a lot of damage that could be caused by drops of rain or weather in the colder seasons, something we expect quite often in Canada!

This is a great way to make your work shoes last longer, especially if you walk home from work and live in a region of the world where cold weather is present. A waterproof spray could be a lifesaver for making your work shoes last longer.

work shoes last longer


Heel Stoppers

Heel Stoppers are plastic stoppers you can place on the bottom of your heel to stop you from sinking into different flooring (e.g. grass, sand etc) which can damage your shoes and wear them down over time. 

For those who are often walking through grass or different terrain with your work, these heel stoppers could be an important product in making your work shoes last longer and protect them from the outdoors.

Store Them In A Cool, Dry Place

This sounds like the sort of comment you would read on a box of cornflakes, but the same can be said for work shoes. Storage is important for everything and keeping your shoes in the right place can make them last a lot longer.

With the quality being in check, and the storage place being cool and dry without there being any chemicals or liquids in the area, you will be on your way in making your work shoes last longer and keeping them looking as attractive and stylish as when you bought them originally. 

Stuff Them With Paper 

This is something that also sounds like it would not have an effect, but stuffing your shoes with paper or tissue after a long day at work could help with them keeping the initial shape they received after being manufactured. 

If you value the shape of your work shoes and want to preserve it for as long as possible, doing this when you are not using them could make your work shoes last longer and keep them looking fashionable to your colleagues.

Keep Wipes/Tissues On Hand

Keeping wipes and tissues on hand is something that can make your work shoes last longer, as if there are any problems/spillages on your work shoes, you can easily clean them and get back to what you were working on.

This is an easy way to make your work shoes last longer as they will be clean from anything done to them during the day.

work shoes last longer


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