How to Fit Insoles : A Guide

How to Fit Insoles : A Guide

So, you’ve finally found the insoles you’ve been searching for and now they’re a little too big for your shoes. To make sure they are fully supportive they must fit in your shoes seamlessly. Luckily for you it isn’t too difficult to ensure the perfect fit. Come with us and discover the three easy steps involved in fitting your newly found insoles.


Step 1: Check Your Shoe Fitting


Check to see if your shoes come with their own insoles (most do), if they can be easily removed, do so to ensure more room for your shiny new ones. For reference sneakers and walking boots normally come with easily removable insoles. If the insole gets stuck, give it a little wiggle and it should slide out.


Step 2: Check the Fit


Slide the new insole in to see if they fit, if they don’t it’s time to cut away some of that extra material. If you’re unsure about how much to trim away from the new insole, place beneath your old insole. These will act as the perfect stencil to your new pair.

Trace around the silhouette with a pair of scissors until at the desired shape. If you can’t get your insole out of your shoe, then trim away small pieces from the new one, checking each time against your shoe. Better to cut off too little than too much!


Step 3: Fix it in Place


Inserting. The final step is to put the new insole into your shoe. Take care when doing this so as to ensure they last a long time. When placing back in, angle the bottom towards the inside of the shoe. They’ll slip straight in.


Extra Tips for Insole Fitting


Depending on the brand and style of insole you purchased, these steps might not be necessary. Ones sized generically should need little to no adjustments and should just fall straight into your shoes. Condition specific insoles are the ones that usually need some adjusting as a personalised fit is key.

Make sure your shoes have the depth to house your insoles comfortably. You don’t want shoes that are too wide or too long for your insoles. And finally, ensure your shoes are adjustable, choose ones with laces, straps or buckles to keep everything firmly in place.


At first your new insoles might feel a little strange and you might want to take them right back out. But don’t. You’ll get used to them in no time and soon start to reap the benefits.


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