How to Choose Insoles?

How to Choose Insoles?

You might already know a little about what kind of insole you need but how do you begin to choose which one you need? There are so many kinds out there and there are benefits to all. We’re going to provide an overview of a variety of insoles on the market to help make that choice a little easier (we hope). Let’s break it down.


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Athletic Insoles

this is where we get technical. These insoles are engineered specifically with sports in mind. They take into consideration the comfort and support of the individual wearing them and the functionality of the sport in question. If you are a runner you might be looking for insoles that support the heel and toe ball of your foot, in this case you will need a little extra padding in certain areas. If you are taking part in winter sports, like skiing, then an insole that retains the heat is extremely important. The list for the need of athletic insoles is endless and luckily so is the supply.


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Gel Insoles

Perhaps the most common, you can get gel insoles from almost anywhere. They are renowned for their impressive shock absorption properties. A little heavier than other insoles they are perfect for high-impact sports, such as running or walking. Gel absorbs almost all of the impact shock from most sports. Your feet won’t get tired and energy will be maintained.


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Wool Insoles

Wool insoles? We can hear you questioning. What are wool insoles? Well wool insoles are exactly what it says on the tin. Insoles crafted from wool. But why? Well they are great for insulation (of course). They help to regulate and maintain the temperature of your feet. If you are the kind of person who overheats or becomes cold all too easily then a pair of wool insoles might be the best for you. They’re usable all year round and in any weather conditions.

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Memory Foam Insoles

A firm favourite. Memory foam insoles are as comfortable as they sound. They are incredibly soft and mould to the shape of your foot over time, as well as maintaining that same shape. Ideal for those of you searching for some soft cushioning and support.

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Moldable Insoles

We love technology. Here we have some insoles that are moldable with heat. Most insoles will mould to the shape of your foot over time, heat-sensitive ones, however, speed this process up. You can heat these in the oven and while they are cooling (careful not to burn yourself) stand on them and they will mould to your foot in no time at all. Instant customisation!



There are many more insoles on the market, but we have chosen the most popular ones for you to choose from. Hopefully this small overview gives you enough information to understand which kinds might be best for you. Armed with the knowledge of why you need an insole and what types there are out there, we believe you’ll find your dream ones in no time at all.



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