How Pedicures Help Foot Health in Men

How Pedicures Help Foot Health in Men

Pedicures are for everyone who cares about their foot health, although it’s probably less common for men to get one on a regular basis we’ve put together some reasons why it’s a great idea.

Whether it's winter or summer, it’s always a good time to look after your feet. In winter, feet are often neglected, or constantly wrapped up in socks, shoes or slippers and get less time to breathe. In spring and summer, we are keen to get our sandals on so our feet can be out and so we want them to be looking, feeling and smelling nice.


One of the best ways to get foot care is by having a regular pedicure. It doesn’t have to be weekly or even monthly but taking a visit to a salon so your feet can have some TLC will definitely pay off.

Feet can be a breeding ground for fungus if they’re not well taken care of.

  • Fungal infections in the nails can be unsightly, they can cause your toenails to become discoloured or even fall off.
  • Athlete’s foot which could lead to blisters, itching and pain between the toes
  • Ingrown toenails can be very uncomfortable and affect the way you walk and how your shoes fit you.


What a Pedicure Does for your Feet


Improves circulation:

Professional pedicurists soak your feet in warm water and then proceed to massage it. This can help circulate blood evenly in your feet, leaving you feeling relaxed.


Takes care of calluses:

Calluses form from prolonged exposure of the feet to hard surfaces or certain ways of walking. If left unattended, it can become painful and affect how you walk or how your shoes fit you. Pedicures can treat the calluses and moisturize the healthy skin preventing a build-up.


Helps to identify trouble areas:

Oftentimes, a professional pedicurist is able to detect an abnormality or issue with your feet that you wouldn’t ordinarily notice yourself. Some of these problems such as bunions, corns or other neglected conditions.


Keeps feet free of infections:

Pedicures remove dirt and bacteria from your feet to prevent the development of fungi and also moisturizes your feet to stop cracks developing.


Reduces stiffness in the feet:

pedicures help foot health

Foot massage during pedicure improves joint health and releases stress on the joint to eliminate pain and stiffness. Who doesn’t enjoy a massage and some time to relax!


Keeps feet and toenails clean & fresh:

Getting regular pedicure eliminates excess dead skin on your feet while also preventing things like ingrown toenails which can be painful to handle.


No time for a pedicure visit?

If you don’t have the time to visit professional pedicurists, you can do your pedicure yourself by following these steps:

  1. Soak your feet for about 10 minutes or more in warm water and Epsom salts to help soften dead skin and dry patches.
  2. Use a foot scrub to exfoliate your feet and then gently scrub with a pumice stone to remove calluses. Put feet back in warm water for about 3-5 minutes.
  3. Remove your feet from the water and pat to dry thoroughly with a towel. Ensure you dry in between the toes.
  4. Clip your toenails straight across using a clean toenail clipper. Then file with an emery board to smooth away rough edges.
  5. Apply some moisturizing cream especially for your feet and rub it in well.
  6. Gently massage your feet in circular motions and stretch out your toes.
  7. Wear some slippers afterwards to keep your feet warm, relaxed and clean.

Always remember that your feet are just as important as every other part of your body and deserve proper care. You can use this guide or share with us your tips and tricks for keeping your feet healthy and smell-free for when sandal season comes around.


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