How Pedicures Help Foot Health for Older Adults

How Pedicures Help Foot Health for Older Adults

We can’t avoid the fact that even our feet change as we get older. This can affect the feet by changing their shape and how much padding we have around the joints and bones. Pedicure not only keeps your feet healthy and "young", but ensure your shoes stay fit over time.

Let’s see how pedicure helps with some issues older adults may experience with their feet.


Dry skin, calluses and corns

Calluses are thick patches of dead skin that develop due to constant friction from an ill-fitting pair of shoes or hard surfaces. Dry skin often accompanies calluses and this can be painful often leading to cracks on the skin.

We recommend that people who struggle to reach their feet or have any health conditions that affect circulation or feeling in the feet should always have their pedicures from a professional. To help with dry skin, a pedicurist will soak the feet in warm water to soften the dry skin and calluses, and using a pumice stone and foot scrub, gently scrub off them off to reveal smoother, softer skin.


Brittle nails

Experts suggest that as we age, our nails can be more brittle (we often notice it elsewhere too as our hair can become drier). The nails might be more likely to peel, split or crack and they may also grow irregularly which can cause discomfort.

Soaking the feet in warm water helps soften the nail making them less likely to crack or peel. A Pedicurist might also recommend an oil to re-moisturize your nails. You can also use home remedies like olive oil or coconut oil using a very small amount to moisturize each nail.


Poor circulation

You might have noticed that your skin has changed colour over time or that your feet are more often cold even when wearing socks. A regular massage will help to stimulate the circulation in your feet.


Ingrown toenails and irregular nail growth

Ingrown toenails are often caused by improper nail cutting while irregular nail growth simply comes from the neglect of the toenails which also causes the cuticles to split. It’s important in both these cases to make sure that your shoes fit well and if there is any rubbing and soreness to look at whether your shoes need to be updated and replaced.

A pedicurist will professionally trim the nails and apply/recommend cuticle cream to keep the toenails groomed and feet healthy.


After your Pedicure

foot health for adults


Now that we’ve covered the importance of pedicure to the older adult, it is important to mention that choosing the right shoes to cover the feet is pertinent in ensuring the overall health of the feet as well as comfortability with movement.


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foot health for adults

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