Here's what your footwear says about you in the office guys

Here's what your footwear says about you in the office guys

Dressing for the office is a skill that can help you go a long way. It can provide you with additional confidence, or help offer a first impression that you may not otherwise be able to nail. Think of your shoes as a key asset to assist you in the workplace, to help create a great impression of you to anyone who you may meet along the way.


Classic With a Twist


Your shoes reflect your mindset - life’s short so why spend it stressing? You like your job but don’t let it define you, always doing things your own way and adding a bit of personality into your work. You take it easy and approach issues with a calm mindset and humour. You tackle problems from a different angle to your colleagues and can often see issues that others might miss. Your favourite part about work is the social side.

Your shoes are usually modelled on classic, recognizable styles; brogues, boat shoes, dress shoes; but with a twist. Whether it’s a pop of colour or a detailed midsole, you keep things interesting and don’t let corporate life dampen your personal style.

mens office footwear

mens office footwear
Stepwel Rigid Shoes  Stepwel Slip On


Classic Through and Through


You work with numbers and an analytical mind. You’re usually by the book, and like putting your tie on every morning. Routine and process makes you feel in control and you strive for success. You love a bit of banter in the office but when it comes to business you’re always getting stuck in, hitting KPIs and acting like a boss. You believe in dressing for the job you want, not the job you have, and you reach for traditional office shoes to ground you throughout the day.

men office footwear mens office footwear
Stepwel Ankle Brogues  Lepacha Lace Up


Suited and Booted


You’re a chinos and boots kind of man, whether you’re in the office or out. You’re not built for the city and prefer the suburbs but when you’re at work you kick into office mode and whip out the shirt. You work in a pretty relaxed start-up esque atmosphere with a lot of driven people. Work life and social life is a pretty even split, but you do sometimes end up taking work home with you. You’re confident in your role and your skillset and don’t feel the need to conform.

mens office footwear mens office footwear
Lepascha Ankle Boots Stepwel Boot


Sneakers Every Day


You’re in the creative industries. You wear sneakers every day, whether it’s with a suit or with jeans. You’re bossing your working life, and always come up with fresh ideas that are ahead-of-the-curve. You believe in yourself and while your ideas may be a little bold for some people, you know that your success speaks for itself. You love your job and never feel like it’s a chore to go to work.

mens office footwear mens office footwear


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mens office shoes

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