Getting the right fit for your winter boots

Getting the right fit for your winter boots

Winter is coming – are your feet ready?

You already know that winter is the coldest month and each year it seems to get colder! We can’t leave the house without the right kit and recommend the same to you. Due to the extreme temperatures, gearing up in the proper wears helps to make the season comfortable while also ensuring your safety and adequate insulation.


We know you won’t let a bit of bad weather or a foot of snow slow you down, that’s why finding the right pair of boots for the activity and for your feet is key to a happy festive season.

The ideal winter boots are balancing a great look with a reliable performance, not all boots will make you feel glam or cool, but they will protect you and do the job. After style, we’ve looked at some other important factors to consider.

How should winter shoes fit? Let’s explore some of them.


right fit for your winter boots

Stepwel Fur Boots

Cold easily seeps in from our feet if we leave them uncovered, especially during the winter, so it makes
perfect sense to buy a pair of winter boots that have been designed to keep out cold to its barest minimum.
That's why you should consider boots with linings that offer effective insulation. You'll typically find
traditional linings like the shearling or fur linings but these can be expensive, but synthetic substitutes
made of thermal Check Out Our New Bootsmaterials like Thinsulate will equally provide lightweight but adequate insulation. So, it
is important that you check what materials the boots are made of - this helps you to narrow down your
choice of boots.

Note that if you are choosing a pair of winter boots for activities that will require your feet to sweat a lot,
you will need the appropriate winter sock - usually wool not cotton to wear with it.



Ever stepped out of the house on a snowy day and found yourself walking as if on eggs shells? You fear
slipping and giving your neighbours something to laugh about? You don’t have to fret about that again if
you get winter boots with the right grip.

Check what kind of grip your boots offer bearing in mind how often and where you'll wear them.

Rubber soles are often chosen for winter boots and are great for keeping out the snow or rain and ones with
bumps and crevices help provide traction ensuring that you don’t stagger and fall on slippery paths and
roads. You might also want to consider boots with treads in the soles designed to give you a grip against
ones with flat soles that provide no grip.


A comfortable pair of winter boots should provide some arch and foot support to help promote a proper
walking posture. They should support your ankles and give your toes enough room to move so they are
not pinched.

Some winter boots are heavier than others and can be disappointing if you are used to wearing light
footwear like sandals or sneakers on a good day – so always check a variety of models to find what fits
best. Bear in mind that heavier winter boots can make movement a bit sluggish and could fatigue your
legs if you wear them for a long period of time. So a pair of heavy boots for activities where you need
more protection is ideal, but if you are walking or hiking or playing with your family a lighter boot will
be more suitable for long periods.


Winter boots are designed to not just keep your feet warm during winter, but to also keep them dry. Not
all winter boots are waterproof and those that are made of materials such as nylon are less likely to be
waterproof. They may need to be treated with a PU coating to make them resistant to water. Likewise,
leather, when treated with a kind of specialist spray can equally provide adequate protection while
satisfying the aesthetic requirement as well. With waterproofing, budget is an important consideration,
you might find that you can buy a spray and make a great pair of winter boots waterproof for a whole
season for a lower cost, if you have more to spend it might be best to buy a pair that are waterproof
straight out of the box.


right fit boots for winter right fit boots for winter
 Tassled Waterproof Boots Stepwel Winter Boots

Type of Fastening

Different clasps will affect how well your winter boots fit. While Lace-Up boots will adjust to the shape
of your leg and make walking long distances in the weather an easier affair, they may not be the best
option for when you are in a hurry. If you choose to go for winter boots that have zippers to make wearing
and removing easy, ensure that you zip them up and down several times so that you are certain your zips
are reliable, secure and smooth.

Pull-on boots are the easiest to put on for obvious reasons, if you have a pair of boots for around the
house or doing chores in the garage or yard, a pull-on boot is a great choice. When choosing this kind of
winter boots, make sure to look out for elasticated panels in the sides which stretches for ease of access
but provide a comfy fit once on – a good necessity for women and men with wider calves.


It is worth considering what size of winter boots to go for. If you want to wear them with thick socks for
more warmth and comfort, then you should consider buying a size up. Otherwise, stick with your regular
size and try them with your usual winter socks to check on fit, comfort and warmth.

Appropriate winter socks

Winter is no time to be wearing cotton socks because they not only have minimal insulation value; they
also absorb and hold moisture which is a combined recipe for cold feet and frost-bitten toes.
That’s why winter socks were designed and a good pair made of wool, IsoWool, fleece, shearling and
similar type of synthetic materials will get the job of keeping your feet warm throughout winter. When
these types of socks get wet due to excessive perspiration from the foot, the socks don’t lose their
insulating properties. In fact, your body heat can actually dry out these types of socks ensuring that your
feet are protected from the harsh coldness of winter.

Now that you have all the tips to acquire the right fitted winter boots to keep your feet all warm and cozy,
winter can finally come but it will meet you prepared. 



right fit for winter shoes

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