Dusting off the Chinos? Let's help you with what shoes to wear

Dusting off the Chinos? Let's help you with what shoes to wear

It's Chino time... all the time?

Chinos are a type of all-rounder trouser which can go with many different styles of shoes you wear, in fact, one of the true beauties about chinos and a main driver in their popularity is the flexibility they provide to your wardrobe. They are the principal item of any man’s wardrobe and there is no doubt that they have now become a timeless style investment.

Due to their flexibility, finding shoes which go with them shouldn't be too difficult, however, perhaps you are looking to mix up your style or simply want a little reassurance you're on the right path? Don't worry, we've made a short style guide which will take you through some potential pairings, and gives you some recommendations based on what image you want to present to the world.




Maians - European styling at it's best. Hailing from Barcelona, the Maians brand are 100% handmade in the Rioja region of Spain. Mixing a casual loafer style with chic colours which are bright enough to add character to your dress sense without being too overpowering and drawing the eye too much.



On the off chance that you've never worn a pair of loafers before, you need to know that they're probably the most adaptable shoe out there, regardless of whether you're wearing them for a formal or easy-going event. And, by choosing these European staples by Maians you'll find they're the ideal pairing with almost any style of chinos giving you a punchier and youthful vibe and alive but not overly bright colours which blend with any style.

Shumaker naunar men shoes maians navy size 41 Shumaker siscom2 men shoes maians navy size 41
Nauar, by Maians sporting a maritime vibe and block colour style

Siscom 2, by Maians featuring vulcanised rubber sole and breathable fabric 




Emiliano - Italian sophistication, timeless style coupled with a pair of chinos are an exemplary savvy mix which wouldn't be out of place walking down the streets of Milan.

Choosing the right shoes for your smart wear can often be a sticking point for many as they know the right shoes can massively set the tone of the engagement - be that an interview or business transaction. How formal you choose to go to smarten up your ensemble is up to you, yet here are a couple of examples to kick you off.


Shumaker m813685 men shoes emiliano black size 42 Shumaker m79 men shoes emiliano green size 40

Smart Casual by Emiliano

Smart Lace Ups by Emiliano


For a more intelligent look, it's best to keep your shoe design harking back to a more timeless style of low heeled lace ups with chinos which break just above the shoe line. The goal is not having too much of a baggy overhang which drapes over the shoe as this is probably one of the fastest way to ruin a smart look.


Another formal tip when choosing your dress shoes is to go for a similar level of detailing that you've used up top. On your top half if you've gone for simple lines and a "less-is-more" approach, match that with plain detailing on the shoes. However, if you've gone with a more extravagant waistcoat and cuff-link ensemble then don't be afraid to double-down on the shoe detailing because this is definitely one of those times where "more-is-more".

shumaker tnl12 men shoes emiliano black size 40 Shumaker m77 men shoes emiliano bordo size  41

Smart Dress Shoe by Emiliano

A touch of flair from Emiliano


Going smart gives you the opportunity to let your personality shine via the level and style of the shoe detailing which you go for and the Emiliano brand doesn't disappoint in this area with unparalleled levels of Italian craftsmanship.

However, we we'd recommend avoiding bright block colours at all costs, and you can easily downplay the colour clash when going for smart by adhering to darker coloured chinos paired with black, light brown, dark brown or navy blue shoes.



All Occasions


In order to unlock the full potential of a pair of chinos, being able to look the part in all scenarios is the ultimate goal to aspire to. This ability to transition through smart and casual setting without changing your footwear is perhaps the hardest shoe choice to get right when coordinating with chinos. Be that as it may, there are a few shoes which when paired with a pair of chinos grant you the ability to accomplish a seemingly effortless fashionable look.


Stepwel - Shoes for Canada has some standout options in this area. Giving you colourful enough tones to go with a large array of outfits, yet adhering to the philosophy of providing a comfortable fit and unbiased shading. Everything you need to ensure they're going to pair up well with your favourite pair of chinos.


Shumaker 27137 men shoes stepwel tan size 40 Shumaker 27140 men shoes stepwel tan size 40

Relaxed Shoes with red trim by Stepwel

Leather detailing and comfort from Stepwel



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