Are you a Nine West woman at work?

Are you a Nine West woman at work?

The Nine West Woman at Work

Shumaker are extremely proud to announce that we have recently onboarded international brand Nine West so that you can shop their style with us. Catering to the strong, independent women out there, it’s all about stylish functionality.

Are you a Nine West woman at work?


Dress for success

The Nine West woman favours a polished turnout at work. We’re talking a tailored suit, heels that scream ‘girlboss’ and a Nine West handbag. She dresses for the job she wants, not the one she has, and always puts together outfits that make her feel ready for anything. She walks with confidence and feels comfortable with her appearance, no matter who she’s meeting with.

Court shoes with a high heel always go down well in her opinion.



Rise to the challenge

The Nine West woman is always ready to take on a challenge at work. She doesn’t fluster, and you won’t catch her having a breakdown in the ladies’ room. She tackles everything methodologically and calmly, solving problems and thriving under pressure. She likes to try to carry this mindset with her outside of work, whether it’s breaking in a new pair of shoes on a night out or juggling the school run and grocery store in a single outing.


Confidence is key

The Nine West woman likes to exude confidence wherever she is. Even if she feels slightly wobbly on the inside, she’ll strut into a meeting like she owns the place and flash a smile as she does so. She’s confident enough to wear bolder, brighter shoe styles and doesn’t confine herself to plain black pumps every day.

She lets her work speak for itself and her shoe style speak for everyone.





Polish Up

Whether it’s topping up with a quick swipe of red lipstick at the end of her lunch break or downloading a language app to develop her personal skills, the Nine West woman is always polishing up and looking to better herself. She doesn’t categorise her shoes as ‘special occasion shoes’ because she likes every day to feel special and polished.

Why do tomorrow what you could do today, after all?


Success is a mindset

The Nine West woman doesn’t compare herself to anyone but herself. She’s always primed for success, but bases success on her own personal style rather than everyone else’s. She doesn’t let anyone else label her success for her and always believes in female empowerment and helping her colleagues out. It’s not a dog-eat-dog world out there, it’s a girl-supports-girl world. Whether it’s finding the perfect pair of shoes for a date, making the perfect cup of tea, getting a promotion or nailing a big presentation at work.

No success is insignificant and every single one should be celebrated.

How Nine West Are You?

Do you consider yourself a Nine West woman at work? If not, don’t worry. It’s never too late to don a great pair of heels and uncover the positives about hitting the office every morning. It’s all in the Nine West mindset. Rediscover a passion for your career and learn to love your job.

After all, she who loves her job has never worked a day in her life...


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