A day in the life of a Nine West Woman

Are you a Nine West woman?

With our newest brand, Nine West, onboard it was time to reflect on what makes a Nine West woman day-to-day. Whether it’s heading out for brunch or undergoing that tedious life admin we all have, there’s a certain flourish to the Nine West woman when she goes about her daily life. Whether you’re already ticking all the boxes or just want a little extra motivation - we can all do with a little extra Nine West attitude in our everyday life.



No, we’re not talking makeup and dresses and frills. To be feminine in the Nine West way is all about attitude. Sexy, chic and polished whether you’re in your slippers and a cosy evening t-shirt or a form-fitting dress and heeled pumps. Find your style and own it with confidence, whatever it is. To be feminine is to be confident in your body and yourself (though we won’t say no to a stiletto)!



You might not be able to change a tyre on your own if you breakdown, and you may not know who to put as your emergency contact on forms… but it’s okay. The Nine West woman is empowered in her own right. Whatever is important to you is what matters, and you plunge all your positivity and strength and energy into your goals and wishes. You empower yourself whether that’s creatively, at work, or in the family home.

You’ve got this.

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You’re savvy. You know the best places to shop for quality without overindulging. You know when the next sample-sale is, or which coupons are worth looking out for. You’re switched on to what’s going on around you, the energies around you and who to concentrate on in discussions. You’re switched on, always. Being so on all the time can be tiring though, so don’t be afraid to cut yourself some slack and take a break sometimes. Reach for some Nine West flats and take a stroll outside to re-engage your chakra.




The shoes? Oh, they’re Nine West.

Nine West Tatiana high heel pumps


You don’t lie about where your shoes are from, or about how much they cost. You don’t over-filter your Instagram posts and you don’t sugarcoat to your family so they don’t worry. You’re the one friends come to when they need words of wisdom and tough love because you’re always truthful, reliable and honest.



Alongside your genuineness, you’re confident. You know who you are and that’s why you don’t feel you have to lie or up-sell yourself. You’re confident in your own skin and love what you wear. You’re happy with your skills and choices and though everyone can always strive to be better, you never put yourself down or second guess yourself.

How Nine West are you?



You’re a captivating force. As soon as you strut into a room with your Nine West Tatiana Pumps [Include reference to 9x9 instead of Tatiana], people want to chat to you and you’re engaged and excited to interact. You captivate people with your stories and tell them with enthusiasm. You react accordingly to others and feel empathy and sympathy in the right amounts. You’re a joy to be around, and that’s why you make such a good friend.



You love reading magazines and keeping up to date with the latest trends. You already know which of the Nine West handbags go best with your outfit of choice.


You know what’s stylish and what’s not, and love to watch the runway shows. You probably love shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, purely for the costume choices. You love taking dribs and drabs you see around you and let it inspire your own fashion sense.


Find yourself agreeing with any of the above? Then you’re probably a Nine West woman already. And if not? It’s not too late to join the club. Who wouldn’t want to?


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