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What shoes to wear for zumba, it's time to get your groove on!

What shoes to wear for zumba, it's time to get your groove on!

You can’t go wrong choosing Zumba for your weekly workout. With proven physical and mental health benefits, this dance workout has attracted millions of followers worldwide. But, as with all sports and exercise classes, footwear is key. It’s crucial to have supportive, stable footwear to keep you safe while you throw your moves. So, here’s a checklist for key details to look out for when shopping for your next dance workout shoes…




If you want to avoid looking like you’re skating on a slip ‘n’ slide, footwear with good hold and tread is going to be important. Anything made for running or with a flat trainer sole won’t work for you, and you’ll be sliding around the studio quicker than you can say, ‘ouch’! Instead, strong rubber soles with thick tread and grip will be optimal so you can keep to the beat without fear of falling.


Shock Absorption


Thick, cushioned midsoles are great for shock absorption during jumps or dance moves. This not only prevents injuries but also keeps you light on your feet for a more graceful workout. Goodbye twisted ankles.


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Skechers Shumaker Sneakers





Although velcro fastenings are great, we love lace-up sneakers for how tightly and customised you can make the fit. Feeling secure is crucial while you’re making quick turns and twists, so we recommend lacing up as high as you can and double knotting for a tight and secure finish.


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Keep your shoes a lightweight canvas or mesh upper to make your workout easier for yourself. You don’t need to be weighed down by heavy footwear, after all. The shoe should be soft, comfortable and ideally shape itself to your foot after wear so it sits like a second skin.


zumba shoes zumba shoes
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These are the four essential starting points to take into account when reaching for your next pair of zumba shoes for casual weekly exercise.

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