What Insoles Are Best For Me?

What Insoles Are Best For Me?

Choosing the right insoles for you is all based on your foot shape and type, what occasion you need them for and what shoes you’ll be using them with. It's always important to get the right fitting shoes and insoles can't make up for a pair of poor fitting shoes. We’ll be exploring foot types in this article. Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll find the insoles that will pair with you and your lifestyle effortlessly.


To begin your journey on insole discovery, you must first understand what an insole is, and what they are used for. Briefly they are a removable sole that is added to the inside of your shoes for extra comfort and support. They can be added to almost every single pair of shoes out there and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials.


Let’s take a look at the three most common feet type;


Narrow Feet - Cushioned Insoles

Memory Foam Insoles

If you have narrow feet then you know the struggle of getting shoes to fit. Well that’s where an insole comes in. They can help to fill the gaps in your shoes and make them a lot more comfortable and a better fit. A well cushioned insole supports your feet and joints, fitting snugly around your feet.


Flat feet - Arch Support and Shock Absorption


Flat footers need a little extra support for their arches so insoles are perfect. You need support, flexibility and stability. The right amount of cushioning is vital, making sure that they’re springy enough that they snap back into shape when not being worn. The right amount of shock absorption is essential so as not to damage your feet or cause unnecessary discomfort.


High Arches - Orthotic Insoles

OrthoSolutions Orthotics Insoles

High arches may make everyday activities very painful, they tend to be less flexible and more rigid. If you have high arches you’ll want extra cushioning, support and structure in the heel and foot. This distributes weight and prevents excess friction and pressure at the instep of your foot.


Consider these three types of insoles during your hunt;


Soft Support Insoles

For those of you suffering from hammertoes, bunions or pain under your feet. Commonly known as the shock absorbers of the insole world. They are all round champions, helping with balance, are lightweight and ease pressure on sore points. Mainly foam-based or containing gel.


Rigid Support Insoles

If you have a pronounced difference in leg length, weight issues or if your feet roll excessively in or out when you walk, then a rigid insole will be for you. A very technical insole which helps to control the movement of the foot. A custom insole is usually needed in these instances.


Semi-Rigid Support Insoles

For those of you who play high-impact sports, are a long time runner or if you are in work boots day in and day out these are for you. In between rigid and soft, they’re made up of supportive materials, such as plastics, leather and foam.


There are a lot of insoles to choose from so do take the time to find out what you are looking for in at insole. It is also a good thing to check that your current shoes (or shoes that you are looking to buy) are able to have the current inner soles removed to add orthotics. This way you are not getting an unnecessary lift in your shoe that may cause your heel to rub or slip out of the shoe as you walk.




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