What Every Pair of Slippers Should Have

What Every Pair of Slippers Should Have

Nothing is more comforting than a pair of slippers, particularly in colder seasons or when you have an uncarpeted house. We underestimate how frequently we wear our slippers, and forget that it’s a footwear type to invest in as much as any other shoe. These are our top three qualities to look out for when shopping for your next pair of slippers.




Slippers are almost always flat-soled, but if you’re wearing your slippers a lot, you might find that having your feet in a completely flat position for long periods doesn't suit you. Heeled slippers aren’t as practical, so instead focus on the cushioning. Slippers with squidgy bases or foamy bases are best, as they will mould around the base of your food and offer support to your natural foot shape. Plus, they offer day-long comfort. Memory foam bases are our personal favourite.





How warm you want your slippers depends on where you live and the season. If you have carpets or live where there’s a warmer climate, you probably aren’t too fussy about the warmth. If you want cozy slippers to wear by the fire in winter, warmth is paramount. This will go on to determine the slipper style you choose. If warmth isn’t important, open-toes sandal style slippers are a trendy option. Slip-on sandals are the classic choice, easy to slip on and off as you potter around the home, but if you want something extremely insulating then opt for some slipper boots with furry lining for a supremely toasty choice.




We’ve already spoken about how the insole and cushioning can impact your comfort, but if you suffer from foot problems and need a small heel then there are options available. Historically, slippers were made like moccasins, and worn in Chinese courts with a small, block heel. Clog-style slippers are also a good option for a style with a small block heel as well, which will support the natural arch of your foot much better than a totally flat sole. It will also improve posture when walking.


As far as caring for your slippers is concerned, we recommend just using them indoors. If you need to head out into the yard or the garage or even take your garbage to street, swapping to some 'outdoor' slippers or a separate pair while help your slippers stay in a good condition for years.


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