Times I Wish I Had Rainboots!

Nothing’s worse than getting caught out in the rain, dodging puddles and watching your leather shoes get spoiled. Or even worse - suede! We recommend always having a pair of rubber-based boots to hand to avoid getting caught in a downpour, because these are the top 3 times we wished we had rainboots:


Walking The Dog


When you’re out with the dog, and suddenly those storm clouds open and you’re getting drenched half an hour from home. The trail turns to mud, your soles are coated and the upper of your shoes are drenched. Your feet get cold and your dog is dripping and all you can think about is how as soon as you get home you’ll have to dry off the dog and then work out how badly your shoes are ruined. We like to wear rain boots to walk the dog even when the sun is shining to avoid this very scenario.


House Chores


You’re doing house chores in your slippers and then suddenly, something requires you to pop out in the rain. You could be running out to change the bins, putting the recycling out or running to the post office to drop something off when you find yourself wishing you had some practical footwear to hand. And of course, these are just the indoor chores. Anything outdoors and you always want some protective footwear, whether you’re trimming the hedges, tidying up the garden, doing some sweeping or tidying up the bike shed. Even if it’s not raining, rain boots are a good choice for this type of work as they’re comfortable and will keep your feet protected as you cross all types of terrain.


Picking Up The Kids


Any parent, grandparent, aunty or uncle will know it's easy to get caught out when distracted by the kids. You could be picking up the kids from school and you're juggling five different things in your hands when it starts to rain and your sandals are soaking wet. You’re waiting at the gates and the kids come out and say, “wow, Mom, you look really wet.” As if you didn’t already know, and you don’t have a spare hand for an umbrella because you’re carrying lunch boxes and school projects and you wish your feet were warmly encased in some rubber booties so that the other mom next to you would stop looking so smug. Yes, we’ve all been there. Keep the boots in the back of the car for next time!


There aren't many occassions we can think of that wouldn't benefit from having rainboots and they seem to be the perfect 'just incase' boot for home, life and holiday. Out and about, great all purpose footwear - unless of course we'[re in the middle of a heat wave!

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