The Best Winter Boots To Invest In

Winter, we love it. Cosy knitwear, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, crackling fires and warm coats. Whether you love it or hate it, there is one item of clothing sure to make all the difference, the shoes. With the dreaded mixture of snow, ice and slush the wrong pair of winter shoes can quickly turn a nice walk into something you long to forget. That’s where we come in. It’s time that you were protected and warm throughout the season. A good pair of winter boots are an investment that you need to make.



Things To Keep In Mind


Fjord Winter Boots


Warmth is one of the most important criteria when searching for the perfect pair of winter boots. Your feet should be kept warm no matter what you’re doing, whether that be standing still in a pile of snow or walking around running your daily errands. When thinking of warmth, look for shoes with a thick sole, high-rise on the leg, breathability and insulating linings.



As we know, the weather can be quite unpredictable, but one thing we know for sure is that winter will be cold and wet. With the correct footwear, you will be able to stay out in almost any weather conditions. The boots that provide the best weather protection are ones with a high-rise on the leg and where possible some sort of closing at the top, whether that be a faux fur trim or a drawcord closure.



Your warm-weather protecting boots will be irrelevant if they are not comfortable. The lining, footbed and weight all contribute to your overall comfort and are not things that should be looked over. Remember you can always use an insole!



Our Top Five Picks


Combining comfort, affordability and durability has never been so easy as it is with Columbia boots. Performing well in a variety of messy weather conditions with cosy inner linings, non-slip soles and waterproof outers.

Sorel winter boots


Sorel boots are designed with your happiness in mind. Happy feet = happy life. With a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, we can guarantee you’ll find something that suits your style, mood and whatever adventure you’re embarking on. They’re ultra-durable and completely weatherproof with must-have non-slip soles. 

stepwel winter boots


Made for Canadian weather, Stepwel boots are sure to see you through the cold winters. They come in all shapes and colours, with high-rise and ankle silhouettes, thick treads and a range of heel heights. Perfect for running day-to-day chores or for evenings out.

Fjord winter boots


The name Fjord literally translates to where you travel across hinting at their versatility and suitability in different weather conditions. Faux fur linings and thick rubber treads ensure your feet are kept warm and cosy whilst eliminating any risk of slipping over on the ice.

cougar winter boots


Keeping it cosy is Cougar’s mantra. So when you are looking at a long day of being in and out of the house, or in and out of the shops then why not reach for a pair of their insulating winter boots. Waterproof and weather resistant Cougar boots will be your go-to for casual winter days out.



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