Aug 16, 2021

Perfect Late Summer shoe styles for 2021

There's something especially exciting about late summer, early fall, shoe shopping. Could it be all the rich, comfort...

Jan 27, 2020

Times I Wish I Had Rainboots!

Nothing’s worse than getting caught out in the rain, dodging puddles and watching your leather shoes get spoiled, or even worse - suede! We should always have a spare pair of rain boots, for emergencies or if the weather is generally just terrible. Continue reading to find out if you need a pair. 

Oct 28, 2019

What to shoes to wear during fall - our recommendations for the guys

As the seasons change our footwear also needs to. Some of us love the change in seasons as the nights draw in and cooler weather comes as sweet relief, others look for ways to keep activity levels high. There’s a range of different shoes that are great in Fall so we have made a list of our favourites.

Oct 21, 2019

Best Ladies Shoes for Fall - don't leave home without them

Fall is a time of year when new shoes are needed. From the leaf-covered ground to the sludge in the parks, we need to make sure our shoes can handle the versatile season! This is why we have gathered together some of the best shoe choices you could make in order to get you through fall this year. 

Oct 14, 2019

What Shoes To Wear This Fall Weekend

The temperature’s dropping even more and we can feel it. And we don’t want to say goodbye...not just yet. We suggest getting out in the fall sunshine. However, you always need a sturdy pair of shoes to keep your feet intact in the colder seasons. Continue reading to find the best shoes for Fall!

Oct 7, 2019

What shoes to wear this fall?

We’re looking at the best shoes to walk in this fall. Not athletic sports shoes, but everyday shoes that are comfortable and designed with functionality at the forefront, to get you through every day in style. Here is our guide on the best shoes to wear during the beautiful season that is fall.

Sep 30, 2019

Style Guide: What To Wear This Fall Weekend

Fall is coming to an end and, we don’t know about you, but we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye. So grab your shoes and get out into the world. Wade through the leaves, feel the fall sunshine on your skin and watch the world go by. Here is our guide on the perfect shoes for this beautiful fall weekend!
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