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Stepwel - Brand Review

Stepwel - Brand Review

Welcome back to another brand review, where we showcase some of the brands we work with and review what makes them deserving of a place at Shumaker. Today we are going to go over Stepwel and what makes them a brand worth purchasing.

We have worked with Stepwel for a while and want to showcase the best of what they have to offer. In this article, we are going to go over Stepwel as a whole, including their range of products and some of the things they have available in our store.

Stepwel's Range

Stepwel has a wide range of high-quality shoe products available to purchase. They are of high-quality and have different styles for male and female. Here are the range of shoes that they offer:


Stepwel has stylish, sturdy high and low boots for sale. These boots are made for comfort, but also to last long with the right materials used in order for the boots to withstand any seasonal weather. Perfect for the snow and cold winter we typically expect in Canada.

Comfortable, cosy and unique, the boots that are available from Stepwel are certainly worth purchasing.

Stepwel Boots

Work Shoes

The work shoes available from Stepwel are professional, smart and elegant. With an excellent design and great material used, they are bound to make your outfit look amazing going to work, and will certainly impress your managerial staff. 

If you are looking for smart, yet comfortable shoes for professional work, Stepwel is certainly the answer to your problems.

Stepwel Work


Sandals are also available to purchase from Stepwel. There are wedge-shoes and sandals with excellent designs and are made to keep your feet protected whilst giving them some room to breathe. 

If you are looking for new sandals and are unsure where to buy them from, Stepwel is an excellent choice.

Stepwel Sandal

What are Stepwel's Shoes Like?

Stepwel’s shoes are sturdy and compact, giving your feet protection throughout the day whilst also being comfortable to wear, making them the perfect shoes for professional work or for protecting your feet.

They are of high-quality and certainly deserve a place in your shoe cabinet. 

Buy Stepwel from Shumaker

We have Stepwel’s shoes available to purchase from Shumaker. If you are interested in professional, high-quality shoes then look no further. You can find the Stepwel products that we have available at Shumaker from their brand page, making it easy for you to access all your favorite shoes. 


Shoe Care Range

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