Safe T Step Shoes - What you need to know

Let's start with a story.

Mr. Brown has been out of work for over four months due to a fall at work causing damage to his knee ligaments and making it difficult to stand or walk. With his leg in a cast, and healing slow, he was looking at a long time off work and being confined to a chair almost all day was starting to get on his nerves. He blamed himself for his present condition and with good reason too.

Mr. Brown worked as a chef in a fast-rising restaurant and was doing well at his job. The company put in anti-slip flooring to reduce the risk levels of slips, falls or trips in the restaurant, but still, the possibility of a fall was possible. To ensure safety in the kitchen environment, his employers mandated every staff to wear anti-slip resistant footwear in the kitchen space, but Mr. Brown figured he could neglect that since the money had to come out of his own pocket. Big mistake! Three months after joining the restaurant, Mr. Brown slipped over in the kitchen and landed heavily on his knees. A fall which tore a ligament in his knee and dislocated his knee cap.

If you work in the food industry or any such environment, simply using a slip-resistant shoe like the Safe T Step Shoes will ensure that you stay safe. You don’t have to make the same mistake Mr. Brown did.



What are Safe T Step Shoes?


They are slip-resistant and oil-resistant shoes worn often as work shoes to protect the wearer against falls, slips or trips.

Safe T Step shoes are therefore perfect for many industries like hospitals that often have slippery floors but specifically the food industry where companies are required by law to wear slip-resistant and oil-resistant footwear to protect their employees when they’re in the work environment.



What makes Safe T Step Shoes non-slip?

The Safe T Step shoes come with soles that are specially designed to resist slips on various surfaces as well as resist oil in an environment where oil could possibly spill on floors and make them slippery enough to initiate a fall. The soles of the Safe T Step shoes have a diamond tread outsole design for superior grip and are also non-marking rubber providing better flexibility and durability. Its oil-resistant outsole ensures the longevity of the shoe in oily environments.


Tried and Trusted?

The Safe T Step footwear has been tried and tested for several years in the worst possible conditions such as being worn on kitchen floors which are more slippery than an ice brink and they did the job.



Why use Safe T Step Shoes?



Aside from the obvious advantage of being slip and oil resistant, these footwear choices offer round the clock comfort to enable you to carry out your tasks with ease. The shoes have thick padding that adds extra comfort and a lightweight design for all-day wear.



Safe T Step shoes are breathable with air channels that provide circulation. Its jersey lining reduces heat and disperses moisture for breathability.

Breathable shoes are shoes that are designed to permit water vapour to escape while retaining water repellence. They are beneficial for you, particularly in hot climates or seasons.


We all want to stay safe while performing our day to day activities hence the need to opt for safety guaranteed gear. Safe T Step shoes are anti-slip footwear that provides the needed protection against the risk of falls and is, therefore, a worthy recommendation for your safety and comfort.


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