Protecting Your Shoes This Winter: How To

Protecting Your Shoes This Winter: How To

The cold winter months bring harsher elements that can take it's toll on your footwear quickly. Even the toughest of walking boots will start to look a little run down after sloshing through snow, muddy puddles, and frosty grass. And what about your everyday shoes? They need some TLC to make sure that they’re taken care of properly. Investing in some small shoe care accessories will ensure an even longer life for your favourite shoes, so we recommend putting in a little time to care for them this winter.


Leather Care


When it comes to taking care of your leather shoes in the winter, it’s important to take great care. Leather is delicate and you don’t want to alter the natural colour or strip them in any way. When it comes to general mud or dirt, a stiff brush can often buff it away without a problem. For anything tougher or to get back that fresh-out-the-box shine, use proper leather cleaner. It’s important to only use soaps made for leather as they will maintain the natural textures and keep your leather supple and buttery as they clean, without stripping the natural dyes. The same goes for polish. Dry your shoes in room temperature, don’t leave them on the radiator as it can dry the leather out too much and leave them feeling crispy.

To weatherproof your leather shoes, try a light coat of natural beeswax as a protective seal. Otherwise, leather protectant sprays are available, but you’ll need to use these a few times each season to ensure that the waterproof finish remains topped up.

Lastly, stuff your shoes with shoe trees or stuffing to help them keep their shape when they’re in storage.


Suede Careshumaker shoe care


Just because it’s winter doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your favourite suede shoes. Similarly to leather shoes, mud and little bits of dirt can be buffed off with a hard-bristle brush. Brush in short, quick strokes and any dried mud or excess grit from outside should fall right away. If you find yourself caught in a rainshower, dab your shoes with a towel or cloth to try and soak up as much excess water as you can - water can stain your suede. Once dried, give them a gentle brush to try to refresh the texture.

But the best way to keep the rain from ruining your suede footwear is by protecting them with a waterproof seal spray. Suede-specific sprays are available in shoe stores and will protect your shoes from storms.


Rain Boots Care


The beauty of rubber boots is that they’re easy to care for. Give them a gentle wash with a wet sponge under the tap and the dirt will fall right away. Leave them to dry upside down over a radiator to avoid the toes getting damp and mouldy.


When storing your shoes, the priority is about the inner and outer materials being dry. Nothing that a shoe rack and a nice warm heater can't sort on a rainy day.


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