If office shoes could talk...they would say this about you!

If office shoes could talk...they would say this about you!

If office shoes could talk, they'd say this about you…

There are certain occasions when you wish someone else could do the talking for you. Whether it’s when you have a presentation to make, a meeting to lead, an awkward phone call you have to have or a complaint you can’t avoid raising… we all find ourselves wishing someone else could dive in and say the things we don’t know how to. When it comes to the office, we may not be able to lead a meeting for you but we can help you get a head-start by making sure your shoes give the best first impression possible. Here’s what your offices shoes would say about you if they could speak.



Flat Sneakers

You’re a casual, creative, dreamer. You work in marketing or advertising, and thrive in a relaxed environment where everybody is heard and opinions are thrown around in big mind mapping open forums. You feed off positive energy and creative atmospheres, the idea of being stuck at the same desk day-in-day-out sends shivers down your spine. You love to hot-desk, always have one eye on your competitors and don’t like being underestimated. You’re great at all things digital and are the go-to in the office for an off-the-cuff idea. You don’t do corporate nonsense and treat everybody with the same respect.



Ballet pumps

You’re on-the-go a lot, and always have the best water-cooler gossip. You love going for a drink after work with your colleagues and getting to know everybody better. You’re reliable and a hard-worker, but know when to have a good time. Work hard, play hard is your motto. You’re always ready to tackle any new project thrown your way, and always do your best to perfect your work/life balance.




You’re classic and always well-prepared. You are focused on your own dreams and goals, not letting office politics drag you down or affect you. You are always prepared for the worst and are a quick problem-solver with a can-do attitude. People will come to you with concerns and difficulties and will leave you feeling better about their situation and slightly more in control. When you go home you kick your shoes off and relax, because frankly, you deserve a break.



Wedge pumps




You’re practical and systematic. You have folders and files for everything and are super organised. Your desk is neat and tidy, and so is your work. You present things clearly and concisely, your work may take a little longer than most but it’s because you always deliver to the highest quality you can. You know your boundaries and limits and are never afraid to ask for help, making you one of the most reliable team members.



Heeled Court Shoes

You don’t mess around in life or at work. You’re direct and straight to the point, with confidence in your team and your own capabilities. You demand respect and give it back in return, always taking the higher ground and never caving into office politics or gossip. You’re not one for drama, just one for getting the job done and are an overachiever a lot of the time. You love a challenge and thrive under pressure. Your leadership skills are amazing and you know how to motivate and empower a room.


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