style your work shoes

How To: Style Your Work Shoes

Wearing the right shoes to work is an important aspect of our professional life that we must address. Attractive shoes can give us the confidence we need to get through the day and will leave a good impression on colleagues and managerial staff. 

Shoes are there to protect our feet first and foremost, but they are also there to make our feet stand out and show people what we represent. Wearing smart shoes to show your elegance and your professional attitude is something that we should all strive for within our workplace.

There are many great shoes out there, perfect for day-to-day professional life. However, it can be difficult to style some particular shoes with workplace outfits. With there being so many different options to choose, it can be hard to find the right ones for your work attire that can also look stylish and fashionable.

In this article, we are going to go over how you can style your work shoes with particular outfits and why it is important to do so for your professional lifestyle. 

Shoes to Wear With Work Skirts 

There are many different shoes that are perfect to wear with work skirts, making your outfit look smart and professional, but also in-vogue and elegant. These include ankle boots, which are sturdy and protective of the feet whilst also looking attractive and being comfortable.

Heels/Pumps are also a shoe that you can wear with work skirts, also being comfortable and showcasing your feet making your outfit look more attractive and stylish to work in. 

style your work shoes


Shoes to Wear with Jeans

There are a few different shoes that are perfect for wearing with jeans, but our personal favorite is sneakers. Although a casual choice, with the right pair of sneakers your outfit with jeans, could look really smart, depending on the choice of color and material for the outfit and sneakers.

If you choose the right pair of sneakers and a good quality pair of jeans, you are looking to make a great impression on your colleagues depending on the line of work.

style your work shoes


Shoes to Wear With Dresses

There are also a few different shoes that are perfect for wearing with dresses. Pumps are great as the design typically goes well with dresses. If you are comfortable and confident enough to wear heels with your dress, you could do so to style your work shoes also and show off your professionalism whilst also looking fashionable and sleek. 

Ankle boots are another shoe that goes well with dresses as they are smart yet stylish, matching the style that dresses can bring to the workplace.

Shoes to Wear With Suit Trousers 

Suit trousers are similar to other pieces of clothing on this list, meaning they style really well with ankle boots and pumps. Both being shoes that can be used in the workplace, they are perfect to style your work shoes and give your outfit a bit more character.

If you often wear suit trousers to work and need a pair of shoes to go with them, these two categories are bound to have a pair of shoes that work with your outfit and style your work shoes, giving you that added level of classiness bound to impress your colleagues. 

Purchase From Shumaker to Style Your Work Shoes

We understand that it can be difficult in finding the right shoes, but with the internet being as inclusive as it is and with there being many different clothing websites, you are bound to find the right shoes for you and your outfit and to style your work shoes. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at our website where you can find a huge catalog of work shoes available for you to purchase. We also have a sale page where you can find our offers in which we frequently update.


Style Your Work Shoes

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