How to Protect Your Fresh Pedicure

How to Protect Your Fresh Pedicure

Many of us see pedicure as a bit of a treat. You typically enjoy one as part of a monthly routine or just save them for special occasions.

After you’ve been to the salon and paid money for your pedicure then that first 12 hours afterwards is crucial. In that time, the nail polish hardens and is more robust for the rest of the week or longer. Before this window, the nail polish is at risk of smudging and small knocks might ruin the effect. A fresh pedicure is a fresh foot, so taking it rather religiously cares for your feet and ensures your shoes fit comfortably.

We’ve put together some top tips to keep your pedicure looking fresh.


Shoes that protect your pedicure

Open-toe shoes

Beautiful young woman putting on evening shoe

Open-toe shoes have an opening at the toe box which allows the toes to show. When you’ve just had a pedicure, wearing this kind of shoe enables your toes to breathe giving room for the nail polish to harden adequately.




A pair of sandals provides the necessary airiness for your freshly pedicured feet. You can be sure that your nail polish will harden due to adequate exposure to air and the skin of our feet also benefits from the breathability.


How to make your pedicure last longer


Choose a relaxed day

Don’t forget that 12 hour window we mentioned, in an ideal world you’d get your pedicure done with plenty of time to take it easy that day. Not everyone can take a day off for a pedicure though! So keep in mind the best footwear to protect your toes and perhaps take a day off from the gym! During this time, your polish which is still fragile and prone to damage stays secured.


Keep feet away from heat or moisture

Heat and moisture can reverse the hardening process of your nail polish so avoid them for the first 12-24 hours after your pedicure session.


Apply topcoat

Your pedicurist probably applied a layer of topcoat but everyday wear and tear can shave away this protective layer. To keep your nails looking fresh and shiny, apply topcoat every week and allow to dry before putting your feet into closed-toe shoes.


No to chlorine

A swim in the pool on a warm day is glorious for the skin but not for your freshly applied nail polish. Chlorine in swimming pools can crack and fade nail polish while also drying out the cuticles and feet. If you must swim in a pool, make sure to rinse your feet with fresh water after swimming and follow up with moisturizing your feet with unscented lotion.


Apply cuticle oil

Protect the life of your fresh pedicure by applying cuticle oil to your toenails daily. Simply rub a few drops of oil into your cuticles and nails to maintain nail polish shine and keep feet moisturized. This is one thing that will protect your nails and nail beds a long time if you plan to have regular pedicures.

protect fresh pedicure

Now, after your next pedicure don’t forget to use these tips to make them last and of course, take your pick from our array of fancy sandals and open-toe shoes.


protect fresh pedicure

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