How to: Choose Shoes for Wide Feet

How to: Choose Shoes for Wide Feet

You’re on your feet all day; running around, doing the shopping, picking the kids up, working. Whatever you’ve been doing, the last thing you want is to come home at the end of the day with sore feet. We are wary and fearful of ingrown toenails, corns, calluses and hammertoes (the list goes on). If you’re suffering with any of these and can’t think why, then it may be the case that you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes that are far too narrow for you. You’ve been punishing your feet and you didn’t even realise. Have a read through this guide to find out everything that you can do to banish your foot pain and to walk comfortably.




The first thing to establish when looking for a pair of shoes that can accommodate your foot comfortably is the measurement. We learn the size of our feet from a young age, but who actually measures their feet as they get older? We know so many adults take from granted that foot shape and size can change with weight gain or loss, after having children or just change over time. Things might have changed so it's worth checking in once every couple of years.

Do you need wide, extra-wide or extra-extra-wide shoes? The possibilities are endless and you are not alone, so don’t worry if you don’t know how to go about this because we’ve got it covered.

First things first, your feet change over time, as you get older and depending on the various activities you undertake. Making sure your feet are measured correctly will help you to find that perfect pair of shoes, with that comes comfort the likes of which you have never felt before. A top tip for foot measurement: do it at the end of the day, this way when your foot is measured, it will be at the widest point. This makes it the perfect time to get those shoes that are going to accommodate your foot all day, pain-free!



Toe BoxToe Box shumaker shoes


The toe box is the part of the shoe that refers to the section that houses the toes! Which style you choose will be the defining factor in your overall comfort and foot health. A toe box that is too narrow will pinch your toes and can do long-lasting damage to your bones. To ensure that the toe box provides enough room for you to wiggle your toes, take the insole out of your shoe, or the shoe you are considering purchasing and place your foot over it. If your toes are hanging off either side then the toe box is much too narrow for your foot. Look for a toe box with depth, this will offer a fit that is both comfortable and non-binding. The most popular toe box for those with wide feet is the round toe. Perfect for giving your feet room to move without causing your toes to overlap.




With it being fall, boots are an everyday staple. There are plenty of options available to those of us with wide feet and you are sure to find the pair that you will live in throughout the colder months...if only you know what to look for.

Let’s begin with the material, Leather boots are a firm favourite. Leather is breathable and moulds to your foot over time, meaning your new pair of boots will, in no-time, become your go-to. If you are having trouble wearing in that new pair of leather boots, shoe-stretch spray and a good shoe horn wouldn’t go a miss! Perfect aids for those with wide feet. Now you have the perfect exterior, you need to complement it with the perfect interior. A memory foam insole will provide utmost comfort, whilst moulding to the shape of your foot. You’ll be able to wear your new boots again and again without any problems.

Finish your boots with laces and a zip fastening, perfect for when you need added support. You can also try an elastic gusset, allowing you to slip in and out with ease. The elastic will give whilst you are wearing the shoe and will support a wide-set foot comfortably.



Sandalsshumaker sandals


Just because the weather is cooling doesn’t mean that you can’t do with a great pair of sandals...especially for those last-minute getaways! Look for sandals with cork soles that offer contouring to your foot shape. There are many brands out there that offer wide-fitting sandals with a personalisable sole. Look for adjustable straps; buckles or velcro as a must-have. Try to stay away from anything with a high heel, this will put unnecessary stress on the widest part of your foot which will cause swelling. If you are looking for a heeled model, try a kitten heel which will allow you to go for much longer. It is time to invest in sandals with good support that avoid impact.



Sneakersshumaker sneakers


The sneaker...a must-have for wide feet, they are a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and supportive. Sneakers designed for wide feet prevent overheating and rubbing. These are great for those with a get-up-and-go lifestyle or for your daily commute. Look for styles in soft leather or breathable canvas, both accommodate a wide foot with ease, giving over time and moulding comfortably to your foot. Sneakers are built for ease so look for laces or velcro fastenings that will offer the most support, keeping your foot firmly in place as you go about your day.

No more suffering in silence! Just because you have a wide foot doesn’t mean that you can’t find the perfect pair of shoes for you. Measure your foot, establish your width and start shopping. There are a huge range of options out there for those of us with wide feet, there are plenty of specialists and among the high street brands may offer wide alternatives to their everyday styles. It is time to say goodbye to painful and ill-fitting shoes.



Find a great looking pair of shoes that also fit wide feet comfortably without any problems here!


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