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Anfibio - Brand Review

Anfibio - Brand Review

Anfibio is a brand which produces footwear for men and women. It is a business that we love to work with at Shumaker, having many of their shoes and boots in our store. From an outsider perspective, Anfibio seems like the regular footwear brand for outdoor lifestyle, made typically for hiking and cold weather.

However, Anfibio is much more than just that. It is a brand that represents who we are as humans: strong, inside and out! 

Their high-quality winter boots are made perfectly for those who love the outdoors and want to experience nature in the cold. They are comfortable, compact, and cozy. If you are wanting to spend time with friends and family outdoors this year, a pair of Anfibio boots would serve you very well.

Continue reading to find out more about Anfibio and what they offer as a brand compared to other similar companies producing footwear. 


What are Anfibio Shoes Like?


Anfibio offers a range of different shoes, but as mentioned above, they primarily create high-quality boots for an outdoor job/lifestyle. The boots are perfect from the inside out, with the interior being cozy and typically including padding, especially for your extra comfort. 


They are also extremely good looking from the exterior, with a range of different colours, materials and styles being used. This leaves Anfibio with a wide range of shoes/boots for you to choose from, all being made to the highest standard with an emphasis on quality. 

 Anfibio Lace up boots review

These boots are perfect for many different occasions, and offer high protection against the cold weather. For a lifestyle that involves the cold, or if you are living in a cold area of the world, Anfibio Boots are perfect for you.


When Should I Wear Anfibio Boots?


Anfibio Boots look great with a range of different outfits and styles. If you are going for a wintery look, the boots will go perfect with your outfit. They are also perfect for the season of winter, providing your feet with protection from the very cold weather. Strong and sturdy, these boots are designed to last through different climates, and will not be ruined after a walk through the snow. 


They are also perfect for hiking through nature, especially in the colder seasons. If you are planning on travelling or going somewhere with extremely cold weather, these Anfibio Boots will protect your feet and allow you to do what you want to do. Whether it be hiking through the mountains, going through a muddy path or even just a long walk through nature, these boots have got you covered.


Protecting your feet is something that we often overlook, as it has become so normal just to put on a pair of shoes and leave the house. Making sure that your feet are at a normal temperature and are comfortable is something that Anfibio provides with their boots, and is something that should not be disregarded when spending time outdoors or in cold weather.

Purchase Anfibio Boots From Shumaker


Anfibio Boots are becoming increasingly popular as the years go by, as they improve the quality of their boots and design amazingly beautiful and stylish shoes for everyone to wear. They are perfect for a range of different occasions (especially winter) and will keep your feet comfortable and warm throughout the day.


If you haven’t already, take a look at our store where you can find numerous different Anfibio Boots available to purchase. We offer only the highest quality shoes on the market, and Anfibio are certainly one of our favourite shoe providers we know. 


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