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A Nine West woman on a night out

A Nine West woman on a night out
Are you a Nine West woman on a night out?

Nine West is all about you looking your best and what better excuse (like we need one) than on a night out. We’re talking about channelling your inner Nine West woman.

It’s about having fun wherever you are, so grab your heels and hold your head high - it’s all about the attitude.



The Nine West woman is feminine, sexy and chic. Modern silhouettes with statement twists are right up your street, whether that’s stylish pumps with bold embellishments or on-trend stiletto heels in timeless colourways. On a night out this is only elevated, with strappy heels and statement pops of colour. If you’re out for the evening it’s a safe bet you’ll looking your best, but feeling your best, too.


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Confidence starts with self-love, self-respect, and a really great outfit. If you’re a Nine West woman you’re happy hitting the dancefloor or owning the conversation, and your shoes empower you from the ground up. You’ll be the first to volunteer for Karaoke and put on your lipstick before climbing on-stage for a shaky rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. You’re the type of woman to take a polished blazer and fling it over a black mini dress with killer heels.

All confidence without arrogance.

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You know the best places to go and the best times to hit them so you get all the Happy Hour deals and can avoid long queues. You’re the one friends turn to and say, “So, where are we heading tonight?” You’re the one who checks everyone gets home okay and warns your friends not to get in a cab alone. You know the best places in town for dinner and have one ear to the ground on local social events.



You dress to impress. You take bits and pieces from the high street and let the runway inspire you, but then you’ll add a bit of your own flair, whether it’s a vintage coat or a borrowed handbag your mom used when she was young. You are on-trend, without following trends. Always yourself and always fabulous.








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If you’re out for the night, you’re dialling it up. You’ll be throwing your head back with laughter and batting your lashes flirtatiously because a night out is all about having fun and letting loose. It’s nights out that pave the way for you to be your best self, and to share your infectious positivity with the world.


If these points resonate, you’re probably a Nine West woman on a night out. Whether you’re out dancing with the girls or sipping cocktails with a date - everyone wants to be the Nine West girl on a night out.


 How Nine West Are You?

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