Summer Shoe Trends

5 Summer Shoe Trends of 2021 You Can Get Now!

Our favourite time of the year is just around the corner… Get your beach towels ready and prepare your sun-cream, it’s time for summer! We all love the beach, ice cream, spending time outdoors and meeting new people but for all that to be possible, we need a good pair of shoes.

Shoes keep our feet protected throughout the day, but they also complete your outfits. In Summer, it’s all about finding that balance with a shoe that’s on trend but also protective.

There’s not a lot of time left before we’re relaxing in the sunshine so let’s find the perfect summer shoe trends and show the world your true style. 

Wedge Heels

Wedge heels are the perfect mix between beach sandals and classy heels with enough space to keep your feet cool and comfortable but also with protective straps to keep them in place. 

Give yourself the look of a princess on a summer day and try on a pair of wedge heels, you won’t be disappointed. 


summer shoe trends



Above all, summer is about fun, but there’s always that occasion to show off our professional side sometimes. Whether you’re going on a date, an interview or something else exciting, a pair of flats is the perfect option to compliment a smart outfit. 

Known for their flat-bottomed heel and low aesthetic, flats come in all different styles and colours so you don’t need to compromise with your outfit. Try on a pair and see how you feel, you’ll have people turning heads all day long. 

Sporty Sneakers

Fancy a game of soccer? Maybe a quick game of volleyball in the sun?

Whether you're an athlete, a gym fanatic or are just looking for a comfy pair of shoes, sneakers are a great choice. A pair of shoes perfect for exercise and outdoor activities but also for relaxing and wearing throughout the day. 

Grab yourself a pair of sporty sneakers and keep your feet comfortable ready for your day-to-day summer lifestyle. 

Short Heels/Kitten Heels

That professional touch is sometimes not enough.

Every now and then, a bit of glamour is necessary to give yourself that fabulous feeling in summer. What else could be more glamorous than heels?!

Short heels are the perfect shoe to show off your classiness in the summertime with cushioned insoles for protection but also a slip-on element for giving your feet enough air to breathe. Great for those who want to keep their feet cool without compromising on the latest summer shoe trends.

Comfy Sandals

What would this list look like without the most famous summer shoe of all time? 

Without a doubt, sandals are an extremely popular choice of summer shoe and that goes for every year. Perfect for the very warm weather, sandals open your feet up to the air and stop your feet from getting sweaty and warm during the heat. 

Practical? Check

Style? Check

Comfort? Double-check!

If you’re still struggling to find a summer shoe and want something with a touch of style, we’re here to help. Why not take a look at our store page where you can find all the shoes we have available, including the summer shoe trends listed above. 

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